Health Services

Welcome to
Seoul Foreign School Health Office!

The Seoul Foreign School Health Office offers professional knowledge and caring communication, support and service to students, faculty and staff for promotion of their health and well-being.

A school nurse, two EMTs, and an administrative assistant work in the Health Office. One EMT is on duty until 6 pm during school days to cover after-school programs.


Mon - Fri: 8:00AM - 6:00PM


T: +82-2-330-3203
F: +82-2-333-5027



If a serious injury or illness occurs at school, the nurse will make every effort to contact parents. Please keep your address and contact information up to date.

When a medical emergency situation exists, we will transport the student to Severance Hospital Emergency Room or International Clinic. The school nurse or EMT will accompany the student and meet parents at the hospital. If parents prefer another hospital, they can transfer from the emergency room or international clinic of Severance Hospital.


Students who need to take medications during school hours should have a written prescription and/or parental permission. For safe administration of medications brought in from home, the Medication Authorization Form must be filled out by parents and sent along with the medication.

Students are not allowed to keep medicine or take the medicine by themselves. Medication will be kept in the Health Office during school hours.


If your child is ill and unable to attend school, please call your division office or e-mail your child’s homeroom teacher and the school nurse on the first day of the illness. It is helpful if the nature of illness is described, so the nurse can watch for general trends.

In order to prevent other students from being unnecessarily exposed to illness, parents are asked to keep the student home or pick up their child from school as soon as possible if he or she:

  • Has a fever of 100°F (37.8°C) or higher
  • Has been vomiting or had diarrhea
  • Has symptoms that prevent him or her from participating in school, such as excessive tiredness or lack of appetite, productive coughing, headache, body aches, earache, and severe sore throat
  • Has a condition that is suspected to be contagious (e.g., unknown rash or red eye(s) with sticky discharge).

Communicable Diseases

A student with communicable disease MUST be kept at home.  A doctor’s clearance note is required in order for the student to return to school.

Important Notice

Based on SFS’s Fever Policy, students with a fever are NOT allowed to take the school bus due to potential spread and contamination. Please note that students with a fever should NOT return to school until they are fever free for 24 hours without the aid of fever-reducing medication.

For further inquiries or clarification, please contact the Health Office here.

Health Office FAQs for New Students

Is there a medical form that new students need to turn in to the Health Office?


The New Student Health Form must be completed and returned as soon as possible after the student receives an acceptance letter from SFS. Please note that SFS does Not accept a student’s physical exam certified by his/her own parent who may be a physician or medical professional.

The New Student Health Form contains three parts:

  • Part I: Health Information – completed and signed by parents,
  • Part II: Report of Medical Exam – completed by a physician and must contain THREE required tests—Hemoglobin, Urinalysis, and either Tuberculosis (TB) Skin Test or Chest X-ray. Please note that if TB skin test is positive, chest X-ray or TB blood test (IGRA) is required regardless of previous BCG vaccination. If the student is under 5 years of age, he/she can be exempt from the hemoglobin test (blood test). *Please note that MS, BS KS3, HS new students cannot participate in school sports until the Part II is complete.
  • Part III: Medication Authorization – ONLY for the student who needs to take medication(s) during school hours, and should be signed by the parent and the physician.

How can I get the New Student Health Form?

You can download the 4-page-long New Student Health Form here.

Can students who had BCG vaccine be exempt from tuberculosis skin test or chest X-ray?


Students who had BCG vaccine more than one year ago must provide either tuberculosis skin test or chest X-ray result. If the skin test is positive, chest X-ray or TB blood test (IGRA) is required.

Which hospitals does the Health Office recommend for the medical examination?

There are several international clinics, but not limited to, that will be able to perform this new student physical:

  • Severance Hospital 02-2228-5800
  • Soonchunhyang University Hospital 02-709-9158
  • St. Mary’s Hospital 02-2258-5745~6 (Banpo) / 02-3779-2212 (Yeouido)
  • Asan Medical Center 02-3010-5001
  • Samsung Medical Center 02-3410-0200
  • Seoul National University Hospital 02-2072-0505

By when do new students turn in the New Student Health Form?

We strongly recommend new students to submit the form to the Health Office as soon as possible after they receive the acceptance email from SFS Admission Office. The form must be turned in PRIOR TO the student’s start date at SFS.

How do new students turn in the New Student Health Form?

Please see delivery options available below:

  • Option #1: (most preferred): Scan and send by E-MAIL to
  • Option #2: By FAX to the Health Office at 82-2-333-5027
  • Option #3: (least preferred): In PERSON to the Health Office PRIOR TO the student’s start date at SFS