Life as a Student

Seoul Foreign School firmly believes in the importance of extra-curricular activities and the role they play in the development of a well rounded student. We believe that activities help students to develop character, responsibility, dedication and they provide many life lessons. Activities also contribute to each high school student’s college application process.

Our desire, backed by recommendations of the finest universities, is for our students to demonstrate ‘distinguished excellence’ in their activity participation, not to be “mega-members” of as many activities as they can sign up for.

Students should have a passion for the activities they are involved in. Distinguished excellence is defined as a student’s participation that is marked by quality, depth and impact. They are looking for consistency, commitment and dedication. The challenge is to make a mark and make participation memorable. There is no one right activity. Finally, student’s schedules these days are so busy and many are over scheduled.

There are MANY choices of activities to participate in at SFS. We encourage students to not try to do them all but choose wisely.

Moonshot Thinking

It starts with a different way of thinking.