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We offer two complementary educational paths: the International Baccalaureate Continuum of Programmes and the English National Curriculum. Learn more about the option that may be appropriate for your child below.

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The Visahans

Ana Mazul & Rafael Jimenez


We offer rigorous academic programs, including the International Baccalaureate (IB) PYP in our Elementary School, the MYP in our Middle and High Schools and the DP in High School. We also offer a robust British curriculum for Key Stage 1-Key Stage 3. We have more than 300 staff and faculty representing countries and cultures from around the world.

The school offers on and off-campus accommodation and an excellent salary & benefits package that allows for significant savings. Teachers at SFS generally find that they are able to live comfortably on our salary. Many put a considerable sum into savings each year.

A generous professional development affords employees the opportunity to continue to learn new skills and refine their craft, allowing our educators to foster their love of lifelong learning. 


Living in South Korea provides for a host of benefits, and is a popular choice for expats.

  • Technologically advanced, South Korea has the fastest internet connection speed in the world.

  • Crime is incredibly low. There is little fear of theft, violence and terrorism.

  • The Seoul public transportation network is extensive, and the metro area is very walkable.

  • Outdoor activities abound, with hiking trails easily accessible from within Seoul - there's even a trail from the SFS campus!

  • Korean food options are incredibly tasty and inexpensive. Most any cuisine is available, and Seoul is a foodie's paradise.

  • As a major international hub airport, Incheon provides travel opportunities to points of interest around the world.

  • Korean culture, including K-Pop music, K-Drama television programming, and advanced skincare products and regimens are trending internationally. 

  • Coffee culture is part of day to day life - coffee lovers will find coffee shops everywhere!



Seoul Foreign School (SFS) is committed to protecting students and providing an environment that provides safety and security to each child, allowing them to be their best selves.

Learn more about our Child Protection Policy


Join our professional community

Make sure you have the following information available before you begin the online application process:

  • Information on which job fairs you plan to attend in the near future
  • Which teaching jobs you will be applying for (see Positions Available)
  • A letter of introduction. A statement of how you would contribute to the Christian ethos of the school, highlighting your abilities with school technology would also be valuable. Include contact names and details for professional and personal character references.
  • CV/Resume. Please note that there is 150KB restriction on file size and the types of documents that can be uploaded are limited to .doc, .pdf, .txt, .rtf. Be sure that your resume includes your email and phone number.

Note that if you applied online during the last two years, your application is still active. Please contact to update your job choices, send a revised resume, or update recruiting fairs.

When you are ready to formally apply to our school, ensure you meet the minimum teaching requirements:

  • A degree and valid teaching credential in your subject area
  • Two years of successful teaching experience in a western school setting, at the specific grade level or subject area of our vacancy
  • Familiarity with current teaching materials and methodologies as well as evidence of recent professional growth activities
  • Recent federal criminal checks showing “no record” (or with an accepted letter of explanation accompanying a report of a criminal record – with the exception of crimes against children) from your passport country and your current school country, if different.
  • Demonstrating Christ-Like Attitudes.

All successful candidates must have a personal interview. This often takes place at one of the several recruiting fairs.