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by Aaron Moniz

The core components of the SFS mission statement are the guiding principles for everything we do as a school. “Seoul Foreign School, Centered in Christ, inspires a passion for learning, pursues academic and creative excellence and is dedicated to the service of others.” This statement weaves together many different conceptual threads, the fundamental building blocks that our faculty foster in our students every day. With the help of Inspire Citizens, that work has become actionable and measurable, facilitating SFS students to live the mission and carry it with them well beyond their time on campus.

Inspire Citizens is an educational consulting organization focused on “working with committed partners to reimagine schools as thriving community centers of transformational learning.” Co-founded by Aaron Moniz and Steve Sostak, the work of Inspire Citizens focuses on transformative learning and impact in schools. The Inspire Citizens and Seoul Foreign School partnership began in 2017 with the Middle Years Programme (MYP) curriculum design, which included the creation of VoiceLab. Further information about VoiceLab is available in an in-depth piece included in this issue. Community action projects in support of Water for South Sudan with activist in residence, Salva Dut, were also included in this initial collaboration. 

Significant initiatives from this partnership have driven transformative schoolwide work, including bringing aspects of the mission statement into operational functionality. In other words: this initiative has helped ensure everything we do as a school reflects our core values as a school. The Christ-Like Attitudes, alongside a passion for learning, combined with academic and creative excellence and a dedication to the service of others have become systemic approaches that are exemplified and evidenced by students, teachers, and community partners. The aim is to change the view of the SFS Mission from four distinct statements to an integrated process that develops from the center outward as represented in the SFS Mission in Action graphic. 

By designing curricula and creating learning opportunities for students with the Mission in Action as a framework, SFS has identified that students understand local and global issues, creatively innovate and design solutions, collaborate on projects of significance, and take action.

An inspirational testament to this work is that although a global pandemic significantly impacted the lives of all of our community members, dedication to the SFS mission, and to creating academically inclined global citizens continued to forge ahead. Overcoming adversity and committing to the British School Core Values, IB Learner Profile, and Christ-Like Attitudes remained a central focus; that tenacity defines the character of the SFS community. 

As Inspire Citizens and Seoul Foreign School continue to work together, the partnership aims to position SFS as leaders in Service Learning and Global Citizenship education in the Asia-Pacific region, and aspires to position SFS as a center for teaching and learning excellence. By sharing our approaches as a means of “dedicating ourselves to the service of others” with students, teachers, and local and global communities, SFS is setting the standard to which other schools will aspire.
Inspire Citizens and Seoul Foreign School look forward to continued collaboration. The partnership has grown so strong that Aaron Moniz, Co-Founder, Director, and Lead Facilitator of Inspire Citizens, has relocated to Seoul and has an office on the SFS campus, embedding him in the work of the school on a regular basis. We hope to welcome Steve back to Seoul after COVID-19 restrictions have eased. This partnership, along with a shared commitment to creating students with empathy, academic and creative capacity, and the hearts and minds necessary to serve and take action to improve our communities will continue to drive us forward.

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