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We offer two complementary educational paths: the International Baccalaureate Continuum of Programmes and the English National Curriculum. Learn more about the option that may be appropriate for your child below.

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News stories

Seoul of a Leader

Seoul of a Leader (SOAL) is an educator-led leadership conference that aims to provide professional development and professional networking opportunities for current and aspiring education leaders. SOAL was founded in 2019 by a group of educators who were committed to leadership development and equipping others to become stronger leaders who would make positive change in their spaces. The hope was to create a professional learning space where current and aspiring leaders could come together, learn from and inspire each other to become the best version of themselves as leaders.

The theme of this year’s conference was Just Us: Leading Together for Justice and focused on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice in education institutions and in society at large. A diverse group of dedicated, experienced, and inspirational leaders shared their stories, wisdom, and expertise in sessions such as Diversity in Leadership, Diversity in Literature, Creating a Culture of Feedback with Cultural Competency in Mind, and Sustaining Courage for Change. Throughout the conference and beyond, the organizers challenged the 230 attendees from 20 different countries to ask questions, reflect on the injustices and challenges of our time, and take systemic accountability in leading impactful and transformative actions in their own spaces. Participants were encouraged to join the journey of making our communities more equitable, more diverse, more inclusive, and more just spaces.

This year’s SOAL planning team included dedicated and experienced leaders who are committed to fostering leadership development in the international school community: Heather Breedlove (Digital Learning Coach), David Han (MYP Mathematics & Schoolwide Academics), Michael Lucchesi (PYP Coordinator), Aaron Moniz (Co-Founder, Inspire Citizens), and Margaret Park (Elementary School Assistant Principal). For more information about this annual conference, please follow @seoulofaleader on Twitter.

Happy 40th Anniversary to the British School!

The British School of Seoul Foreign School officially opened for classes on August 25, 1981. Originally located in two adjoining apartments of faculty housing, the School had 17 students and 2 teachers during its first year. Although academic instruction has always been separate from the other sections of Seoul Foreign School, shared facilities included recreational, canteen, gymnasium, library, first aid, and school buses. The following autumn, the School had expanded and moved to 4 classrooms below the old gymnasium. With enrollment growing each year, a dedicated space was required and in 1986, the British School building was opened and is still the School's home today. The British School is now a caring learning community of over 240.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary on August 25, Principal Andy Freeman and Assistant Principal John Kett hosted an assembly, virtually walking students through the historical homes of the School. We reflected on highlights from the past 40 years, including a visit from Diana, Princess of Wales in 1992 and joining FOBISIA in 1999. Mr. Simon Smith, British Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, also joined the celebrations with a video message.

Dr Nancy Le Nezet joins SFS as High School Principal

Dr. Nancy Le Nezet joins us this year as High School Principal. Having worked in education since 2002, most recently as interim head of the Swiss International School in Qatar, Nancy has extensive experience in International Baccalaureate education and excellence in pedagogical skills. Nancy has moved to Seoul with her husband, Adam Bernard, who is teaching Middle School Visual Arts, and their two children, Selena (Grade 11) and Anton (Grade 8).

Nancy is passionate about meeting new people and making connections; she is greatly looking forward to building relationships with our students, faculty, families, and greater Seoul Foreign School community. And she and her family are excited about all of the opportunities a bustling city like Seoul presents – including their first white winter in years!

Rescuing baby chicks

For their "Animal Rescuers" unit, the British School Foundation class incubated, hatched, and looked after a dozen baby chicks. Throughout the 3 weeks of incubation and the 6 weeks of care, students learned about the lifecycle of animals and the importance of being responsible for living things around us. The excitement on "hatching day" was felt by everyone in the School community! Year 8 generously built a brooder for the baby chicks to keep them safe, warm, and dry until they could learn to look after themselves. Once they outgrew their home on campus, half of the chicks went to a staff members' family farm in Gangwon-do and the other half to live at Stone Hill in Yangpeong.

Learning About Life on Mars

On February 18th, 2021, the NASA rover Perseverance landed on Mars. As it coincided with their Unit of Inquiry on How the World (and the solar system) Works, Grade 2 watched the event unfold live! This event generated a lot of anticipation for our students as they counted down the days until the big event and allowed them to see space exploration in action.

A few weeks later, on March 26th, these same students had the opportunity to interview Dr. Juan Velasquez, an aerospace engineer who works on the power supply for the NASA Perseverance rover and the Dragonfly spacecraft which will depart for Titan (Saturn’s largest moon) in 2027. Dr. Velasquez taught students about Perseverance and answered many of their questions, helping them build their research and communication skills. Thank you to faculty members Michael Alexander and John Black for facilitating this amazing learning opportunity.