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Seoul Foreign School Arts Department!

Seoul Foreign School embraces the arts. It recognizes that studying and creating music, theatre, and art is a vital part of educating a young person and teaches them skills that can be part of their life long journey.

In our three beautiful theatre facilities and arts instruction spaces, there are concerts that astonish and amaze, dramas that provoke laughter and tears and art which make us search our own experiences to draw meaning beyond the beautiful work.

We encourage you to attend our many concerts, performances, and exhibitions to see the breadth and depth of the arts at SFS.

John Striffler
Director of Arts

Director of Arts
Seoul Foreign School

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Arts Programs

Various outlets for our students



Pursue your passion

Each year the drama program presents five large-scale, multi-performance productions (such as Grease, Aida, Elephant Man, Romeo and Juliet, and The Addams Family) to the SFS community and public, plus over ten additional small-to-medium scale productions. Students age 9 and above can audition for parts big and small in many productions.

Students have the opportunity to perform as actors, builders, technicians, and stage crew. Supporting these productions are courses that lay the foundation for these skills.  High school students can further expand their skills through involvement in Crusader Live, our unique student production staff program.

Students learn the history and process of theatre, as well as practical skills of characterization, blocking, set design, and directing up through high school. At the end of high school, should they choose, students are well prepared to pursue further studies in theatre at two-year and four-year institutions of higher learning.


Practice the discipline of art

The music program is one of the largest programs offered at Seoul Foreign School, involving almost 95% of our students and producing over 25 recitals and concerts each year. Students from pre-school through senior year perform in instrumental and vocal ensembles.

The curricular program begins in pre-school and culminates in the IB Music course of the IB Diploma Program. A vast number of co-curricular and extracurricular programs are also offered, allowing students to further explore and develop their musical skills. Our students may play a diverse selection of instruments until they find the one for them.

At the end of high school, students are well prepared to pursue further studies in music at two-year or four-year institutions; many of our alumni having taken this path.

Visual Arts

Express yourself

The visual arts program spans all age levels in all four school divisions.

Early arts courses focus on activities that develop students’ knowledge and understanding of elements of design such as line, color, and shape.

In the middle school/key stage 3 years and into high school, students progress from two-dimensional art to three-dimensional and digital art. In high school, students also have the opportunity to explore Korean art and its techniques, allowing them to experience and partake in the rich art history and styles of our host country.

At the top of the curricular pyramid, students are able to enroll in the IB Visual Arts course of the IB Diploma Program. Several areas around campus feature galleries of work created by the visual arts courses for the SFS community and public to enjoy. At the end of high school, should they choose, students are well prepared to pursue further studies in art and design at two-year and four-year institutions.