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SFS has been in existence since 1912 and is recognized as the 7th oldest international school in the world. With that kind of history, SFS seeks to build on its legacy while forging a new and brighter future.

Part of building on legacy involves the development of a vibrant alumni association that seeks to promote the welfare of the school by supporting the needs of the current student body both while at SFS and after they leave. Our alumni represent a wellspring of knowledge, talent and goodwill who seek to promote the school and empower those that attend SFS.

SFS students have been told that they “are the future leaders of the world.”   It is to that end SFS provides a challenging, world-recognized IB curriculum (K-12) set on a dynamic international campus.  State-of-the-art facilities, a rigorous curriculum, a breadth of sport and fine arts activities, and a highly qualified and well-trained faculty help provide a caring and nurturing environment that allow our students to forge the skills that will allow them to succeed at university and later in their chosen profession.

Jack Moon
Director of Alumni Relations

Director of Alumni Relations
Seoul Foreign School

Alumni Mission

The Goals of the Alumni office are:

  • To promote honor, tradition, and loyalty among both current students and former students
  • To provide an avenue through which alumni can offer their collective knowledge and perspective to the life of SFS
  • To keep alumni abreast of what is happening at SFS after they leave and to support them in ways that are meaningful and helpful
  • To assist in decision-making by offering advice on university programs and potential career opportunities
  • By networking alumni with each other and the school to form an association that promotes success both in university and in their chosen profession
  • To develop effective and responsive leadership among the alumni
  • To increase alumni participation in fund raising activities

Main Connection Streams

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