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We offer two complementary educational paths: the International Baccalaureate Continuum of Programmes and the English National Curriculum. Learn more about the option that may be appropriate for your child below.

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Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

CAS requires students to take part in a range of experiences and at least one project. These should involve:

  • real, purposeful activities, with significant outcomes
  • personal challenge
  • thoughtful consideration, such as planning, reviewing progress, reporting
  • reflection on outcomes and personal learning

Students involve themselves in activities they've chosen and initiated; specific projects or activities are not assigned by the school.

Students gardening

Students Andrea and Sally collaborated on a gardening project, growing vegetables and greens from seed during COVID-19.

Group of students

Classmates Isabel and Mya raised money to support the Lalibela School in Ethiopia. 

Parampara School, Bangladesh

2020 CAS Students Surmaya, Josiah, Edward, Joshua, Ryan, and Rachel Stones raised funds to donate to Parampara School for the underprivileged in Bangladesh. Aura personally delivered the financial gift to the children of the school.


Taal Volcano Survivor Support, Philippines

Angelica and Jasmine helped the children who were affected by the Taal Volcano eruption in the Philippines in 2020, raising funds to provide support.