Our Approach to Technology

Because the world we live in has rapidly evolved into an information-based society, we believe the use of technology should be an integral part of contemporary education.

State-of-the-art technology integration is an important initiative at Seoul Foreign School. We have an active program of training opportunities and support for our staff and student.

We see technology playing an ever-increasing role in our efforts to provide a quality educational program. It will also improve efficiency and effectiveness in administrative functions, and strengthen communication within our school community.

Our commitment to technology at SFS

  • Technology is seamlessly embedded into the fabric of the student learning.
  • SFS will maintain and improve a technology infrastructure that is reliable, supported, and relevant.
  • All students and staff will have constant access to the appropriate tools of technology and information for learning.
  • Standards will exist to enable consistency in the provision of the educational process and facilities.
  • Use of technology will be personalized as much as possible, in order to address different learning styles/needs and rates of learning.

See how SFS is using technology for our students

Click for more information on our 1:1 device program for students