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We offer two complementary educational paths: the International Baccalaureate Continuum of Programmes and the English National Curriculum. Learn more about the option that may be appropriate for your child below.

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Mission and Values

Teacher & Student


Seoul Foreign School, Centered in Christ, inspires a passion for learning, pursues academic and creative excellence and is dedicated to the service of others.

Christ-like Attitudes
Love, Faith, Service, Self-Control, Compassion, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Integrity, Hope, Joy

A Christian school for everyone
SFS enrolls students from all religious backgrounds and welcomes all as integral members of our diverse community. “Centered in Christ” means that our community lives, works, and builds relationships following the example of Christ himself.

Seoul Foreign School Belonging Statement
As a Christ-centered school, we are committed to loving our neighbors as ourselves. SFS chooses to respect the dignity of every human being and aspires to be a school where all are known, cared for, belong, and thrive.

SFS responds to each community member's needs, regardless of their race, religion, beliefs, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, cultural background, learning differences, or any other aspects of their personal identity. 

All policies, procedures, and practices are regularly reviewed and developed to this aim.

Seoul Foreign School Guiding Statements

Mission in Action

The Mission in Action is a clear articulation of the SFS Mission Statement as a process, encapsulating all we do as a school. The Mission in Action links the Christ-Like Attitudes to ‘Inspiring a Passion for Learning and Pursuing Academic and Creative Excellence’ through existing curricular and co-curricular programs, leading to ‘Service of Others’ and impacting our communities.

mission statement
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Learn how our values represent our mission in action

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Dedicated to the service of others

Pursuing Academic and Creative Excellence

Inspiring a Passion for Learning

Making an Impact

Inspiring Excellence, Building Character

Attitudes to Action, Empathy to Impact

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Dedicated to the service of others

We strive to make an impact in the world around us by serving others. Sustainable development, social justice and collective well-being focus learning through service opportunities and help students understand the impact they are having. Service can be something small and immediate, but could also be something big enough to have an impact on the entire world. 


Pursuing Academic and Creative Excellence

We define learning as growth in knowledge, understanding, and skills. Our approach to a culture has three areas of focus: people, curriculum, and support structures. People, curriculum, and support structures make up our approach to the culture of learning at SFS.


Inspiring Passion for Learning

Our educators inspire our students to be learners for life. The structures that support our teachers in the work they do helps our students learn. We are committed to being a professional learning community that continuously strives to support its members in developing professionally with ongoing professional conversations, being part of professional learning teams, and attending, presenting and facilitating at workshops and conferences. 

Making an Impact

We see the Mission as an action statement that guides who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Using the Mission in Action model as our lens, we will make a positive impact on others through a service mindset and intentional action. 

Inspiring Excellence, Building Character

A roadmap for our learning community, leading the way in our approach to educating our students as academic learners and as global citizens. 

Attitudes to Action, Empathy to Impact

These statements describe the learning journey of a student. The Mission in Action process gives us a template for “inspiring excellence and building character” through “attitudes to action” and “empathy to impact” in all that we do. 


Applying our mission in action

Rafael Jimenez, Learning Support Specialist, EAL Teacher, Design Teacher

Last week in our co-teaching I&S class, we had an activity with students understanding story plots. They did an amazing job representing their favorite books!


Mike Knox, Grade 8 Language & Literature and Individuals & Societies Teacher

Our Grade 8 trip to Chiang Mai, when we take the whole class to northern Thailand. Though we only have 1 day that is dedicated to community service, the whole trip's aim is to create better human beings of our students.


Caleb Hill, Elementary Physical and Health Education

The Aquatics team had not been able to teach in the pool for many months so they decided to bring the pool to the students!


Anna McNair, Grade 2 Teacher

In Grade 2, we were learning about light and sound. The students got to go to the High School and participate in experiments on light and sound in the science lab. Their learning was invigorated by their excitement and engagement.   


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Students gardening

Inspiring excellence, building character