Seoul Foreign School

SFS School Board

The SFS School Board is responsible for the total program of the school, including all aspects of its operation.

The SFS School Board:

  • Reviews and upholds the mission
  • Sets the vision
  • Formulates policy
  • Provides fiscal oversight
  • Develops/maintains strategic plans
  • Hires and oversees the Head of School
  • Collaborates with Administration to ensure continuous improvement

Board members are elected to a serve three-year term. Individuals may be elected to serve a second term. No individuals can serve on the SFS Board for more than six consecutive years. The School Board is comprised of a minimum of six (6) members who are a parent of at least one (1) child currently enrolled in the school.

Full board meetings take place five times during the school year.

For further information, please contact the Board Email

2018-2019 SFS Board Members

  • Mrs. Penelope Kim, Chair
  • Mrs. Silvia Kim, Vice-Chair
  • Mr. Andrew Chung
  • Mr. Kurtis Jang
  • Ms. KyungEn Kim
  • Mr. Steve Kim
  • Mr. Peter Kim
  • Mr. Alain Nass
  • Mr. Dean Park
  • Mrs. Sally Shim
  • Mr. Mike Welch
  • Mrs. Jennifer Woo


Jaedan is the official legal entity of Seoul Foreign School.  It is composed of members who officially have a significant stake in the school. Meetings done by this group are arranged to debate and amend the current position of the school and its alliance with Korea.

Jaedan Members

  • Bill Majors – Chair
  • Barbara Bai
  • Michael DiStasio
  • David Hwang
  • Haelyung Hwang
  • James Kim
  • Cristian Rata
  • Peter Underwood
  • Matt Wasmund
  • Sun Hye Yang
  • Colm Flanagan (HOS)