A Christian School for Everyone

What exactly makes Seoul Foreign School a “Christian” school? People read the mission statement and see “Centered in Christ.” This means we lead by example and practice a code of good morals and kindness. We expect all our students to treat each other with respect.

SFS is not affiliated with a particular denomination, nor with a particular church, and does not have weekly chapels.

SFS enrolls students from all religious backgrounds and welcomes them as integral members of our diverse community.

So, what exactly is “Christianity at SFS?”

What makes SFS “Christian” is its faculty. SFS seeks to hire practicing Christians who are exceptional and experienced teachers. Through the modeling of the faculty, students see firsthand what Christianity is lived and what it is not. They learn how Christianity is lived.

Our faculty comes from a wide variety of denominations—Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and more—and thus SFS is a truly diverse community. Students are also taught about Christianity in religion classes and attend assemblies that focus on particular aspects of Christianity like Christmas and Easter.

It is hoped that students come to understand what Christians believe and then feel free to draw their own conclusions.

When SFS claims to be “Centered in Christ,” it means that it is a community where the faculty and staff live, work, make decisions, and build relationships from the central hope that all is done following the example of Christ himself.