Professional, Friendly and Efficient

Perceptive parents and discerning expats understand that the best school for their child isn’t always the one next door. No matter where you are in Seoul, our fleet of buses take you easily and conveniently from home to school. Let us ensure that your children arrive safely and ready to learn.

Current families: for complete bus schedules and maps, please visit this page on MySFS.

Prospective families: see the list of neighborhoods we serve.

Some will say that location is a prime filter when choosing a school, but for us safety, frequency, and convenience have always been our priority since our earliest days. All our routes extend to the most popular residential areas in Seoul. Talk to us about what’s right for you.

Our students are excited to study on Seoul’s only 25-acre forested international school campus, and our parents know their children are getting the education of lifetime when they arrive.

Our Fleet

Reliable, dependable transportation

Seoul Foreign School owns and operates a fleet of 25 full sized buses, with 24 bus routes that bring over 1,000 students to the school each day from within the greater Seoul area. Our bus routes are designed to serve as many of our students as possible, while keeping the routes as close to a one hour maximum as possible.

Our Commitment

Rest assured your children are in good hands

Each bus is equipped with a cellular phone and the driver can contact our Transportation Chief or an administrator for instructions and guidance at any time while en-route. To assist the bus driver, each bus has a safety monitor assigned. We feel that the presence of a safety monitor is an important safety enhancement for our bus riders.

Our safety monitors are very conscientious and work very hard to assure the safe operation of their bus; moreover, we work with them throughout the year on the best ways to perform their duties and proper ways to relate to their student passengers. All safety monitors speak at least minimal English.