5 Reasons Why

SFS is the best choice
for International Students.


International School in Korea

and on the move
  • SFS ranks in the top 10 oldest international schools globally.
  • We continuously integrate innovative education practices from around the world.
  • We boast a world-class campus and exceptional facilities, including a new state-of-the-art senior high school that will take our students to new heights!
  • Our international curriculum, top-tier instructors, and quality facilities make SFS the undeniable leader among international schools in Korea.

Two Curricular Streams

  • SFS provides two international curriculums (International Baccalaureate & English National Curriculum), the most comprehensive options available.
  • Whatever pathway they choose, all SFS students gain common qualities because of connections between the curriculums and learning processes.
  • Within each curriculum, the focus is on creativity, teamwork, and adaptability.
  • A transition process facilitates moving between the schools. This seamless approach benefits students.
  • SFS students attend top universities around the world, with the foundation to succeed in the future.

A Welcoming International Community

  • Our community welcomes all students and is a Christian school for everyone.
  • A mix of students from numerous nations and international curriculums support our diverse student body and faculty.
  • SFS is a school reminiscent of home – everybody’s home. The SFS student body helps give us all an enriched view of the world.

An Unmatched Student Experience

  • Our genuinely international education encompasses some of the leading educational approaches around the world.
  • We offer the most prestigious international curriculums all within one school (International Primary Curriculum, English National Curriculum and IB PYP, MYP and DP).
  • We boast a truly multicultural learning community of students, parents and staff,  integrating local and international cultures.
  • Students experience an international-based education around a Christian ethos and values that support excellence in learning!

A Community Connected to the World

  • SFS builds relationships with embassies, businesses, NGOs and non-profits in Seoul and around the world.
  • The SFS alumni network is an ever-growing global community.
  • SFS connects with professional accreditation agencies and associations such as IB, Ofsted BSO, CIS and US WASC, FOBISIA, APAC, KAIAC and more.
  • SFS counsels students to find the best university fit for them.
  • SFS graduates use their talents and gifts to make a better world for all.

Our campus truly needs to be seen to be appreciated. We look forward to seeing you! To see what’s happening every day, please check out our Parent Portal.